Welcome to this faculty advocacy website!

The website title and theme was inspired by a conversation with my spunky friend Belinda. It’s important to seek support and connect with allies and advocates at a pivotal career moment during precarious times, but it is more important to grow our own lily pads where we can put our feet, and which allow us to hop from one lily pad to another, towards our dreamed destinations. A strategy of growing our own lily pads helps us to achieve empowerment from within.

Water lilies carry a special meaning in Asian culture: It’s a flower that resists assimilation for its own integrity–Despite growing out of mud, the lotus blooms pure and untainted. It became a charming metaphor in global cultural flow with Monet’s paintings. It plays an indispensable role to make the water ecosystem it lives in more sustainable.

I’m using this website to share thoughts from a practice-informed research journey. A believer of a situated research methodology, I came from a place where many lotus flowers blossom in a big lake called West Lake.

A motivational quote from this article

a purposeful practice has “the combined power to sustain the individual while also being significant to others.” 

Lily pad
Photo by Jay Castor on Unsplash


DEI Grant Received

We recently received a nationally-competitive grant award from the CPTSC Research Grant Program to Promote Anti-racist Programs and Pedagogies. This research project was motivated and “inspired” by my recent experience. My collaborator and I see the proposed project as a pilot project that can be expanded to help more vulnerable communities for resilience building. Below is …

Upcoming Talks

Sept 15th, 2021 8:30 AM Pacific/US “What Social Media Means for Technical Communicators: Discursive Affordances, Network-Building, and Cultivating Fan Bases” Oct. 13, 2021 SIGDOC Online Workshop Engaging Cultural Differences for Empowering Design in a Globalized World