DEI Grant Received

We recently received a nationally-competitive grant award from the CPTSC Research Grant Program to Promote Anti-racist Programs and Pedagogies. This research project was motivated and “inspired” by my recent experience. My collaborator and I see the proposed project as a pilot project that can be expanded to help more vulnerable communities for resilience building. Below is the proposal abstract. 

Articulating Resilience Towards a Caring Democracy: Building a Research-Informed Allyship Network for Anti-Racist CPTSC Scholars


Fighting against institutional racism and systemic oppression is a long-term process. To articulate strategies of resilience collectively towards “a caring democracy” (Tronto, 2013), this project proposes to build a research-informed allyship network for anti-racist CPTSC (Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication) scholars as they are treading through their journeys. We’re employing an innovative approach that integrates knowledge building and community-engaged activism with platform technology. Qualitative interview will be a core part to help allyship network participants to increase resilience. Web platform, email newsletter, and social media engagement strategies will be used to disseminate best practices and strategies of resilience for anti-racist teaching and research in the TSC (Technical and Scientific Communication) field. The innovative network-building work model informed by academic research can be scaled to transform currently perfunctory practices in the DEI industry, which is our responsibilities as TSC scholars to promote anti-racist programs and pedagogies and to initiate changes, dismantle institutional racism, and carve out a better future.