Legal resources in the Greater Seattle Region

It’s recommended to consult legal advices when preparing for an adjudication petition.

Filing discrimination charge?

Discrimination charges can be filed on both the Federal level and the state level for investigation. You must file within the time window, and there are many backlog delays due to COVID.

How to Find Attorneys?

  • Search from Avvo
  • Check local county bar associations for referral service. For example, King County Bar Association (KCBA) provides Lawyer Referral Service. They respond fast and charge $45 referral fee including an initial consultation (up to 30 minutes) with an attorney. KCBA also provides free legal services.


Many employment law attorneys work on contingency. Usually they charge 35% for the compensation. Read this to learn about the difference between contingency fee and hourly fee:

Further Study

A legal study of UW Faculty Code Materials by Attorney David Corbett